Services Offerings


We have seen a gradual transition in the supply chain structure utilized by many large corporations. This shift has enabled our services to flourish. If you're interested in speaking with someone, please follow the link below and someone will be in touch.

Companies are employing methodologies such as “LEAN” and “Six Sigma” in their business models. Using these tools has increased visibility to the supply chain and worked to reduce cycle times. Many of these same companies have then structured their distribution model to have a more regional approach. We have seen this transition and have positioned our company to ensure this success. Our LTL business reaches the entire state and provides a major cost saving advantage over the super regional or national LTL providers. There are other advantages as well, for example:

  • We offer on- time service consistently above 98.5%
  • Our claims ratio is far below any of our competition
  • We invoice after the shipment is delivered you are ensured that the shipment is already delivered, and all charges are on one bill.
  • We treat our LTL shipments as though they are air freight. On all major LTL accounts we assign an inside rep that insures all the needs of the account are met; from special delivery requests to shipments in distress, we make sure all bases are covered.
  • We have the ability to use our customers BOL as the delivery receipt. We have found that in many cases, carriers who reproduce the BOL into a delivery document lose much of the special instructions in transition. This has been shown to have a dramatic effect on customer satisfaction, as the customer does not receive the proper service and often times, their needs are not met.
  • JIT can adopt the shippers BOL number as our own Pro number. We are not confined to the requirements of a standard pro number. Our system allows for ultimate flexibility, which highlights our focus to be easy to do business with.